About Devon Brown

About Devon Brown and his relationship to the Easiest System Ever.

Who is Devon Brown?

He’s an author, speaker, emcee, entertainer, internet entrepreneur, former hip-hop dancer, and student of life. He mostly talks about entrepreneurship and personal growth… but he’s more than happy to wade into other topics from time to time.

This is NOT the Devin LaVell Brown (born December 30, 1978) who is an American former professional basketball shooting guard who played 8 seasons in the National Basketball Association. That Devon Brown won an NBA championship as a member of the San Antonio Spurs in 2005 and is probably not an affiliate marketer (I may be wrong!).

Not even Devon Michael Brown (born June 1, 1997) who portrays Max on The Next Step. That Devon was born in Milton, Ontario, Canada. 

The Devon (“Duh-Von” not “Dev-in”) Brown we’re concerned with has been a live event emcee and a successful internet entrepreneur since 2007. He’s also a student of personal growth, and even used to be in a hip-hop dance crew.

This Devon Brown gets a high off of having a positive impact in people’s lives. What he loves more than anything, is helping people like you uncover the layers of potential hiding within you.

But Devon hates boring lectures and surface level “how to”… I prefer to simultaneously educate AND entertain (i.e. “EDUTIAN”).

As a matter of fact, if you ever see Devon on stage at a conference he’s emceeing, don’t be surprised if he cracks a joke, does a dance move from the 90’s, and then drop an idea that gives you an “ah-ha” moment… all within a 2 minute time frame.

About Devon Brown – Affiliate Marketer

Devon Brown is a proven legitimate marketer. Devon has been an active participant in affiliate marketing for quite a long while. With the confidence that Devon is a genuine marketer, you can be guaranteed the support of an honest person helping you earn in affiliate marketing.

Devon Brown established the 12 Minute Affiliate several years ago. This was a Done For You (DFY) affiliate marketing system and one of a kind.

The Devon Brown 12 Minute Affiliate offer was a legitimate program and was not a scam, despite some claims that it was. The 12 minute affiliate had the potential to work if anyone interested has adequate cash to invest in online adverts.

The 12 Minute Affiliate has been relaunched and renamed as the Easiest System Ever, which is probably is as 97% is DFY.

Watch Devon’s webinar presentation on The Easiest System Ever.

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